What is this Musing About?

Have you ever considered learning to play the bagpipes? I have. There’s even a bagpipe chanter tucked away in my storage waiting for the day I start blowing those pipes.

If choosing one word to describe my creative endeavors, it would be, “curious.” Had I understood all the many expressions of art when I was a school girl, I probably would have gone to an art school.

But in those days I thought art school was only about drawing and painting. There’s so much more to the arts than that.

As an adult I suffered from a lack of focus in the pursuit of arts and crafts and my path wandered from throwing pottery to painting ceramics; from photography to candle making; from jewelry design and crafting to wearable fabric art.

I’ve sung everything from Barbershop to Brahms – from acapella to with chorus & full orchestra. I’ve been a ding-a-ling (no smart comments!), which is what some English Handbell players call themselves and played bugle in my high school drum and bugle corps. I want to learn to play bagpipes and try ballroom dancing.

Has the wanderer’s path been a bad path? Is curiosity a bad thing? I once thought so.  But the time has come to embrace that curiosity and continue the wanderer’s path. There is so much to explore and so much of that exploration is in my own back yard!

Musing About  is the name of this new blog where my adventures in exploring the arts in classes and at events will be chronicled.

What arts interest you?  Is it sewing or gardening or painting or music? Is it baking or writing or chronicling life through photography?

So many classes to take! So many people willing to share their skills. I’ll blog about my experiences taking these classes and trying new things through interviews with fellow classmates and those who teach.

Guest bloggers will discuss uses of creative disciplines in music, art therapy and more. Others will explain the impact of lifelong learning that keeps us healthy and happy throughout our increasingly longer lives.

I would like to share with a broad audience the important role creative arts play in our lives and encourage the exploration of it all.

One of the greatest things we can give ourselves or our children is the courage to try new things. Do you believe you can’t draw or dance or sew or bake? Try a class. Be open and set aside pre-conceived notions. You may find a talent that remains a part of your life or one you never want to try that again.  Whatever the result it’s ok. The challenge and the joy is trying.

I invite you to join my adventures.  Be sure to follow Musing About by selecting the Follow button and signing up for notifications of new posts.  For those in the southern New Jersey, southeast Pennsylvania area, consider joining the Musing Around Posse and watch for future listings of classes we can explore together.

I’m excited.  This is going to be so much fun!  There’s sure to be a lot of adventure, laughter, and joy in discovery.

Come on! Follow this Musey Lady and join her adventures.

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